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Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-01-08: CROR Engine debris Middle level Impact and mechanical test

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-01-09: Experimental characterization of turbulent pressure fluctuations on realistic Contra-Rotating Open Rotor (CROR) 2D airfoil in representative high subsonic Mach number.


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-01-10: Erosion-resistant functional coatings

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-01-11: High accuracy and low intrusiveness in-flight wing shape and temperature measurements


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-01-12: Tool-Part-Interaction simulation process linked to laminate quality

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-01-13: Complex (composite) part Ultrasonic inspection facilitated by man-robot collaboration


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-01-14: Technology evaluation of immersive technologies for in-flight applications

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-02-08: Ice protection system based on two-phase heat transport technologies integrated in representative engine intake structure


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-02-09: HVDC Electrical Power Conversion and Distribution System Development

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-02-10: Integrated airborne antenna for satellite communications in wing – fuselage airframe fairing


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-02-11: Ice protection technology based on electromagnetic induction integrated in representative leading edge structure

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-02-12: System development for optical fiber sensing technology measurements for industrial aeronautical contexts: composite manufacturing plants, structural test platforms and airborne conditions


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-02-13: Prototype Manufacturing Tooling for Single Parts Manufacturing of the Rotorless tail for LifeRCraft.

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-02-14: Prototype Tooling for Sub-Assembly, Final Assembly and Transport of the Rotorless tail for the Compound RC.


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-02-15: Design Against Distortion: Part distortion prediction, design for minimized distortion, carbon-epoxy aerospace parts

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-AIR-02-16: Process development for composite frames manufacturing with high production rate and low cost


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-ENG-01-02: Conventional and Smart Bearings for Ground Test Demo

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-ENG-01-03: More electric, advanced hydromechanics propeller control components


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-ENG-01-04: Engine Mounting System (EMS) for Ground Test Turboprop Engine Demonstrator

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-ENG-02-02: Integration of Laser Beam Melting Simulation in the tool landscape for process preparation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) for Aero Engine applications


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-ENG-02-03: Integration of a property simulation tool for integrated virtual design & manufacturing of forged discs/rotors for aero engine applications

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-ENG-03-01: Industry focused eco-design


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-ENG-03-02: Jet Noise Reduction Using Predictive Methods

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-ENG-03-03: Catalytic control of fuel properties for large VHBR engines


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-ENG-03-04: Development of coupled short intake / low speed fan methods and experimental validation

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-ENG-04-05: Powerplant Shaft Dynamic and associated damping system


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-01-01: Development and demonstration of materials and manufacturing process for ultra high reliability electric Anti-ice/De-ice thermal layers for high strain civil rotor blades and airframe sections of tiltrotor

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-01-02: Development and demonstration of materials and manufacturing process for high power density homokinetic drive joints for civil rotor applications


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-01-03: Development and validation of an optimised gearbox housing structural design and manufacturing process, based on additive layer manufacturing concept leading to a flight cleared demonstrator.

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-01-04: Design, development and flight qualification of a highspeed/high torque novel freewheeling clutch architecture for tiltrotor main drive system


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-01-05: Design, development and flight qualification of a novel, integrated high efficiency heat exchanger for tiltrotor transmission oil cooling

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-01-06: Design, development, testing and qualification of a high-reliability integrated fuel gauging and distribution system providing active CG management in a civil tiltrotor


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-02-09: Light weight, impact resistant, canopy for fast compound rotorcraft

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-02-10: Multipurpose test rig for transmission gear boxes


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-02-11: Design and realization of equipped engine compartments for a fast compound rotorcraft

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-02-12: Fuel bladder tanks for a fast compound rotorcraft


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-02-13: HVDC Generator

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-FRC-02-14: Bird strike- and erosion resistant and fast maintainable windshields


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-01-04: Active technologies for acoustic and vibration comfort

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-01-05: Validation of aero-vibro-acoustic model on new aerodynamic configurations.


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-01-06: Laminar Horizontal Tail Plane full scale ground demonstrator

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-01-07: Design, test and manufacturing of robust fluidic actuators


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-01-08: Drive and control system for piezoelectric AFC actuators

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-01-09: Test aircraft preparation and qualification for Scaled Flight Testing ("PREP")


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-01-10: Hybrid Propulsion Demonstrator Components – Electric Power Drives

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-01-11: Hybrid Propulsion Component Studies – Electrics


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-02-07: Landing gear large die-forged fitting with improved mechanical performance

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-02-08: High production rate composite Keel Beam feasibility


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-02-09: Integrated main landing gear bay

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-02-10: Development of pultrusion manufacturing applications


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-03-04: Touchscreen control panel for critical system management functions

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-03-05: New flight crew oxygen mask concept for prolonged use in civil aircraft


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-LPA-03-06: Head Up System integration in next generation cockpits

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-REG-01-01: Smart-grid converter


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-REG-02-02: Powered WT model design and manufacturing of the FTB2 aircraft configuration for aerodynamic tests in wind tunnel at low and high Reynolds number

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-SYS-01-01: High brightness microdisplay system for Head Up Displays


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-SYS-02-09: ALGeSMo (Advanced Landing Gear Sensing & Monitoring )

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-SYS-02-10: Analysis of centrifugal compressor instabilities occurring with vaneless diffusor, at low mass flow momentum


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-SYS-02-11: Innovative design of acoustic treatment for air conditioning system

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-SYS-02-12: Eco Design : Optimization of SAA chromium free sealing process


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-SYS-02-13: Analysis, validation and data collection of design and operating parameters for advanced cabin ventilation concepts related to future aircraft energy management systems

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-SYS-03-01: Electromechanical actuator for primary moveable surfaces of small aircraft with health monitoring


Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-SYS-03-02: Passive thermo-acoustic insulation for small aircraft.

Topic:  JTI-CS2-2015-CFP02-SYS-03-03: Database of dynamic material properties for selected materials commonly used in aircraft industry.

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