Adigrat University

Adigrat Adigrat University is one of the Ethiopian public universities established in 2011 with the intention of producing highly qualified graduates who will be able to serve, with the highest possible dedication, for the success of the country’s Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) I and II, and beyond. The trained and thereby skilled hands shall ignite a spark enough to create the fire destined to make the necessary changes for the benefit of the Ethiopian people and all human kind.

Human capital is one of essential and most important ingredients for the socio-economic development of a nation. This capital can be more effective and efficient if the necessary investment is ensured on education. It is with this strong belief that our government is investing a huge budget for the higher education sector from its meager resources.

Ethiopia is currently engaged in a highly ambitious effort to realign its higher education system from the old approach to a new approach so that the sector can contribute its level best for the county’s growth and transformation plan (GTP) which is aimed at making the nation a middle income within a short period of time, and a prosperous one ultimately. Our University is working hard to contribute its share to realize the vision of the nation. 


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Adigrat University is established in the beautiful town of Adigrat which is located approximately 900Kms from Addis Ababa: the capital. The town also owns the Addis Pharmaceutical Factory which gives service for almost the whole African countries. Adigrat is the centre of the corridor between Mekelle and Axum.

This corridor is expected to be the main growth area of the region. The establishment of Adigrat University is taking this prediction towards reality, visioning greatly towards the sustainable development of the country.



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The University is established on the basis of the fundamental understanding that education a key for development endeavor. This academic year the University has 6 colleges and one institute, 41 departments with a regular student population of more than14000 and nearly 5000 continuening education students. The total number of its academic staff has reached nearly 1000 (more than 300 of them on their further study at home and abroad). The support staff is expected to reach 1500 this academic year.

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