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LoauLogoLo'au University was officially launched at the University of the South Pacific in the Kingdom of Tonga in 2014 by the Minister of Education at the time, Honourable Dr 'Ana Maui Taufe'ulungaki. It was an extension of the Lo'au Research Society, which was formed at Sydney University in January 1999. The Lo'auan Patron is HRH Princess Salote Mafile'o Pilolevu of the Kingdom, whose husband is Lord Tuita of 'Utungake, and she is the only sister of the present King, HM Tupou V. The University was named by Professor 'Inoke Fotu Hu'akau after a Lineage (Ha'a) in ancient Tonga, with unique intellectual ethos which had made them the National and Regional Advisors of the Tu'i Tonga Dynasty from the 10th until 17th century.  The philosophy of Lo'au University is "Education for Thinking based on the Method of Reason" and its Motto is "Ominipresence in Ma'ananga". The residence of the ancient Lo'au Lineage was Ma'ananga, and it was situated at the Lake-of-Fualu in the District of Ha'amea at central Tongatapu - the main island of the Kingdom.

The Chancellor of the University is Professor 'Inoke Fotu Hu'akau (Philosopher and Logician), Professor Sitaleki 'Ata'ata Finau (Medicine and Health Expert) as the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Siosiua F. P. Lafitani (Social Philosopher and Sociologist) as the Dean, and Professor 'Ilaiasi Tupou 'Ofa (Business and Technology Expert) as the Chief Officer of Technology and Finance. The Members of the Lo'auan Board of Trustees are Professor Hu'akau as the Chairperson, Professor Finau, Professor 'Ofa, Professor Lafitani as the Secretary, Professor Malakai Koloamatangi, Kelepi Seuli Mafi, Holosini Uata and Lu'isa Latukefu. There are also a Senate, which is constituted of lecturers, researchers and supervisors, and Advisory Committee from supporters who assist the works of the Board of Trustees and Dean. The University is privately funded by the Board of Trustees, Senate and Advisory Committee.

The University is generously running two Scholarships: Lo'au and Ma'ananga Scholarships. For the former, students only have to pay Annnual Registration Fees of $100 (Local Currency), and it is available only to local students in Tonga, other Moanan Islands, some parts of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Middle East. With the latter, it is only available to students from Western nations like Australia and New Zealand, and they have to pay the ARF, as well as, half of the Full Fees. For instance, the Full Fees (Annual Enrollment Fees) for MA Program is $5,000 USA, so students only have to pay $2,500.  The University Support System provides readings for its courses, and all courses are in text or/and multi-media form. They are all delivered from the Lo'auan website. Students are free to contact for assistance via email, website contact, telephone, skype/webinar and face-to-face contact if possible. These courses are belonged to six Schools with their individual Heads.

This is the first full online University in the Kingdom and throughout Moanan (Pacific) Islands with the Headquarters in Tonga and Branches in Sydney, Canberra, Auckland and Texas. The Headquarters is located in the Kingdom.

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LU course Catalog

Lo'au University is unique because of its intensive focuses on high quality educational contents, streamlining delivery of high end educational services and flexible online degree programs which enable students to complete graduate and undergraduate degrees in an accelerated time frame.

Through out the General Catalog, and in every class offered at Lo'au University, you will see a consistent focus on quality and an ongoing commitment to incorporating current subject matter into our curricula. Our goal is to ensure that the education you receive at Lo'au University is among the most relevant and rewarding in the higher learning space to date.

In addition to our online degrees, Lo'au University offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees that are available either completely or partially online, allowing prospective students and current students the ability to pursue a broad range of degrees and credentials.

There are many different ways to find courses and view the online degrees and program offerings at Lo'au University. You can use the Lo'au University Catalog online page to find information about a specific school, department, degree, course or, you can visit each unique school's course catalog page to see what programs each school and department offers.

While the Lo'au University Electronic Catalog is updated annually and constitutes the university's official document of record new courses are continuously added on as courses are available and market demands. The catalog includes general information about the university and information on degree requirements, academics programs, admission and campus life.

The provisions of the catalog do not constitute a contract, expressed or implied, between any applicant, student, or employee, member and the university. The university and its Board of Trustees reserve the right to withdraw courses at any time, to change, fees, calendars, curricula, graduation procedures, and any other requirements affecting students. Changes will become effective policies as duly appropriate and will apply both to prospective students and to those already enrolled.

Lo'au Dialectic Method of Learning, Core Values, Culture & Philosophy

LoAU 2

Lo'au University, LU, may not be different from other world established and known universities in employing the principles of logic, philosophy and science in all its fields of Teaching and Research Divisions. However, the uniquiness of LU is its philosophy of Education for thinking; Training of students for rationality and the new new discipline of 'rational studies' in the School of Rational Studies.

Final Core Values

Generally, it is the employment and utilization of the Dialectic Method of Socrates with the theoretical framework of 'critical', 'rational' and 'free thinking' by questioning, testing and examining a given hypothesis or concept.

It is the approach from logic by using the syllogism that was propounded by Aristotle with its premises and conclusion or a premise-conclusion relationship. This is then followed by further experimentation and testing, questing of hypotheses and concepts through further research and study in fields outside from logic and philosophy.

All for the purpose of finding out about the truth and validty of any given subject-matter, which is the epistemology, or 'way of knowing', of any research, an extension of ontology, or 'way of being', to use the words of Professor John Anderson of the Australian-Sydney Realism.

In LU, this does not confine to academic circles per se with its focus on the end-product of knowledge, but include all their implications and applications to practical life in the manner of wisdom, efficiency and proficiency as it is shown in the 'core values' that constitute the 'Lo'au culture of thinking' or 'philosophy of thinking'.

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