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presov The University of Presov belongs among elite universities in the Slovak Republic. The Univerzity was establisher by the Act no. 361/1996 Coll. on Pavol Jozef Šafárik University division with effect from 1 January 1997. This historical event completed Presov seffort to create its own universitylasting for several years. In the period of three quintenia the University of Presov has developed and grown gradually and the year 2010 defended its status of a university. It is a member of Danube Rectors Conference (DRC), the Association of European Universities and the National Rectors Conferences which main aim is to promote a unified system of higher education in Europe, the European Universities Association (EUA). The University of Presov is a co-founder of the Alliance of the Central-Eastern European Universities and Euro-mediterranean University (EMUNI). In November 2011 University of Presov in Presov was awarded for participation in the National Prize of Slovak Republic for the quality in category C3 (other public sector organizations) as the only university in Slovakia.


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The University consists of 8 faculties which offer numbers of accredited study programmes in all 3 degrees (Bachelor, Magister and Doctoral degree) and in both full-time and part-time form. The Universtiy of Presov has been developing an intense research activity and has three centres of excellence. A wide range of courses and educational products are offered by The Centre of Competences and Lifelong Learning. Apart from its main mission, The University of Presov creates suitable conditions for student artistic activities (choirs, dancing groups, student theatres etc.). Moreover, students have possibility to participate in extra-curricular activities (university magazine NA PULZE, university radio PaF, student television – TV MEDIALKA). They can use their talent in various sport clubs such as TJ Slávia PU Presov, university volleyball club VK Mirad PU Presov and university basketball club. Students are also offered dancing lessons by the University Dance Centre. The University provides accommodation for students in Halls of Residence as well as all-day alimentation in the school canteen.

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